Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

The backsplash is definitely an element of kitchen and bath design that you shouldn’t overlook. It should be both an expression of your personal style and a way to tie the space together. Not only should it complement your flooring and countertops, but it should also fit the style of your home. Yet, even though […]

Creating Utility & Storage Space in the Basement to Free Up Room in Your Bathroom or Kitchen

While remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, you may have found that you need to move certain items out to make room in the new design. So what can you do with these displaced items? Many people will just store them in an unused attic space or in the basement. If you’re going to store these […]

3 Reasons to Consider Raised Level Flooring in Your Home Remodel

Have you ever considered having different level floors in your home? “Sunken” living rooms were popular in the 1960s and 1970s, and still show up from time to time today. While you may not be interested in that particular design feature for yourself, why not try it in reverse?  If you’re looking to do something […]

Getting the Right Kitchen Design for You

While we hope that you haven’t run into this in your remodeling journey, many homeowners have said that they have felt pushed towards a specific design.  This could be using certain products, to follow certain recent design trends, or both. This is definitely not the experience that you want to have when remodeling your home, […]

What Goes Into a His and Hers Master Bath Design?

When a couple is looking to remodel their master bathroom, there are often differences in opinion with what is most important to put in the new space. The best solution is to create a his and hers master bath that includes elements of what both partners want. Fashion and function can be blended together seamlessly […]

The Importance of Attention to Detail in Kitchen Remodels

Every remodel requires close attention to detail. But with kitchens being one of the most important remodels when it comes to any home, there are more details to consider than in any other room in the home. The job of a good design-build contractor is to sort out what concepts realistically work for your home. […]

Why Major Kitchen Remodels Need Professional Attention

For some reason, it would seem that many homeowners who would never otherwise consider themselves Do-It-Yourselfers are greatly attracted to the idea of remodeling their own kitchen. Some big box stores with kitchen centers and even some design showrooms can often mislead homeowners. There seems to be a prevalent belief among homeowners that it is […]

Scott Hall Remodeling Wins the 2017 STAR AWARD for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Scott Hall Remodeling has won the coveted STAR AWARD for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in 2017 from The Pulse of the City News. This award recognizes “combining superior construction product & excellent customer focus!”   The Pulse of the City News has a rating system which measures customer satisfaction among companies in the building and […]

Trust Your Design-Build Team to Choose the Best Design for Your Home

  With so many homeowners beginning their design journey on the Internet, it’s easy to become lost in the mountains of design ideas and advice available. There’s always some great design information to be found online, especially when it comes to things like choosing color schemes and coordinating different elements. Also, there are many online […]

Cost vs Value – The ROI of Kitchen Remodels in Columbus, Ohio

The Cost vs Value series on Hanley Wood Remodeling provides some interesting data on the potential return on investment on various popular home remodeling products. Their 2015 data gives homeowners the resale value of remodeling projects figured into the sale price at the time a house is sold. Back in 2014, we explored the data […]