What We Do

* COMPLETE DESIGN/BUILD INTERIOR REMODELING:  We have many years experience in designing and working with out clients to create any kind of customized interior remodel to meet your specific needs. Your Kitchen, Bath, Basement, or other Multiple Room Renovation requires a combination of design, planning, budgeting, and management in order for you to have an enjoyable remodeling experience. Learn more about Our Design/Build Process.

Our Company Culture

Scott Hall, when starting in business in 1999, felt that the best way to create a high quality experience for homeowners was much more than the work itself.  We feel that the heart of our business revolves around a cultivation of an attitude of fair treatment, respect, honest and up front communication, and of a genuine caring attitude toward others.  This platform from which we work allows our team to feel trust in one another and work together as a team much more cohesively.

What This Means For Our Clients

So many of our clients have given us feedback on how impressed they were and how delightful it was working with us.  This is our real objective – the overall level of satisfaction of our clients from each and every member of our team.

What This Means For Our Employees

The people in our company, we feel, are the heart of our business.  We choose to work with really great people, to compensate them fairly, to treat them with respect, and to value their ideas and input.  This really builds a sense of trust in each other.  Everyone knows that their role is a key component for our company to continue providing top-notch service.  We feel the same is true of the suppliers that we work with.  We are connected and have quality relationships with many local businesses and suppliers.  Many of them are willing to go the extra mile for us because they value our relationship.  This creates a win-win situation all the way back to OUR CLIENTS.