A Breakfast Nook Isn’t Just for Breakfast

When remodeling your kitchen, you may find some space in your new space that doesn’t necessarily have a specific purpose. This can happen in older homes that may have a nook or cranny that may have once been part of a formal dining area. If you have a space like this, you may want to keep for purposes of maintaining your home’s character. To do this, you may want to convert that area into a breakfast nook in your design. The best thing about a breakfast nook is that it doesn’t always have to be about breakfast.


It is true that a proper breakfast is the best way to start the day. Like a breakfast bar, a breakfast nook facilitates a designated area to serve breakfast. Of course, like a corner booth or window seat at a diner, you need not only serve breakfast there. You can serve lunch or a light supper here as well.


Why not make the space feel like you’re dining out even though you’re actually dining in? Giving the nook a diner or restaurant feel can go a long way. Make sure that the overall style fits in with the rest of the kitchen. But you can make it stand out by using brighter colors and a special seating area.


This nook doesn’t only have to be a place for eating, either. Just as diners can be a great place for conversation, so can your breakfast nook. By having a coffee machine, a small fridge, and/or microwave nearby, you can easily have snacks and beverages nearby for convenience.


The more convenient you can make your nook, the better a space it is for entertaining a couple friends or family members. It’s also a great spot for doing work from home or running your own business. It can be a very comfy office space. If you like to invite clients, it can be a great spot for discussing business.


A breakfast nook is great for enhancing your kitchen’s style. But it also adds functional space to your kitchen that can be used any time of day. With comfortable seating and a good deal of natural light, you can make your nook into a perfect retreat that can be used in the morning, afternoon or evening.

Choosing the Right Backsplash for Your Kitchen or Bathroom

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Getting the Right Kitchen Design for You

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The Importance of Attention to Detail in Kitchen Remodels

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5 Great Ways to Enhance Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen too plain? Maybe it has a theme but needs sprucing up. If you need to enhance the look of your kitchen, there are many great options out there. Here are five great ways to enhance your kitchen.

Stylish Backdrop

Looking to add visual interest to your kitchen? You may consider adding a stylish backdrop. Some people choose to spend as much on backsplashes as countertops. But you don’t have to spend that kind of money to be stylish. In fact, you can even use leftover remnants of countertops for that purpose. There are also many materials that cost less than you think. It’s a quick way to update the look of your kitchen.

Unique Flooring

With a focus on being more environmentally friendly, there are many recycled flooring options available today. This allows for some very unique flooring choices. As long as it’s durable and affordable, you could do something out of the ordinary. Ask your contractor for suggestions of what creative flooring materials may fit into your budget.

Waterfall Wall

You can have a great kitchen, but then have a blank wall that you’re not sure what to do with. If you have the plumbing in that wall to do so, you may consider turning it into a waterfall wall. This can be appealing to guests and relaxing for everyone. Imagine having a quiet family dinner to the sounds of rushing water. You also may have a social gathering in which a waterfall would be a grand background for entertaining.

Farmhouse Sink

Ever wanted a huge sink? It turns out that a lot of people do, and a lot of people have chosen to add classic farmhouse sinks to their kitchen. While some people prefer more contemporary double sinks, a farmhouse sink is a fashion statement. However, the large size can be advantageous for washing large items or when cooking certain meals. If you really need the second side you can always add a second basin for when you need it.

Open Concept Design

One of the main reason that homeowners remodel their kitchen is because their current kitchen feels too cramped. Even with a small kitchen, having an open concept design can do a lot for the utility of your space. It’s amazing what knocking down a wall can do. One common solution is to combine the kitchen with a traditional dining room to create one larger kitchen area. Even smaller homes can add surprising amounts of usable space by adopting an open concept throughout the home. The kitchen is the best place to do just that.

These five ideas are only the beginning when enhancing your kitchen. You may be trying to make it stand apart for style reasons or just looking to get better function from it. Either way, there is good reason to put a lot of thought into your kitchen. It’s a central part of your home. Properly budgeted, a kitchen remodel can transform your home in ways you can only now imagine.

Remodeling Ideas for a Kid-Friendly Kitchen

A kitchen is a place for everyone to gather and socialize. That includes the children. Make your kitchen more inviting and kid-friendly for your little ones with these innovative solutions.

Built-In Breakfast and Play Nook

One popular solution for a kid-friendly kitchen is to install a bench and table nook area with books. This way, the kids can relax and read while you’re preparing meals, but also have their very own area to share with you while eating. You can include a play kitchen, as well, so that kids too young to help cook can practice. Making sure the kids feel included is good for their well-being and teaches them important skills that they can apply later in life.

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

To add more fun to your kitchen area, it’s a good idea to have some great places where kids can draw with chalk. It’s safe for the kitchen area, as it’s non-toxic. Some great places to make a chalkboard surface with chalkboard paint include the sides of benches, the fridge, a hanging chalkboard menu, or even the lower cabinets. You might choose one or two of these options. But you may even want to do them all. This allows the kids to express themselves and make the space more their own. Giving kids a creative outlet is always a good idea and this way brightens up your kitchen.

Built-In Kid-Friendly Access

When remodeling your kitchen, be sure to ask your contractor about building in options that specifically cater to kids. However, these are conveniences that last a lifetime, and aren’t just useful for when they are still kids. Having a hidden step stool behind a cabinet built for that purpose is one idea. The cabinet could even contain a slide out with a built-in stepstool. Also, try putting in lower, easy-function cabinets made for kids’ dishes and utensils. You can then put in higher cabinets with child-safe locks for other items that the kids don’t need or shouldn’t access.

Kid-Friendly Plumbing

Did you know that child-sized sinks are available, even for residential usage? Try having a kid-sized sink and lower cabinet to help kids keep clean in the kitchen. Other related conveniences include a soap dispenser, automatic faucets, and a hand dryer or low-reaching paper towel rack. There are also drinking fountains that are either separate from the sink or that attach to the existing faucet for convenience. Like with the kid-friendly access options, many of these plumbing options are conveniences that are useful for all ages.

Easy Access to Trash

To encourage kids to pick up trash, the best way is to make it easier for them to do. Adding an element of fun is also good. Try hiding it inside a low reaching, built-in reach-in cabinet. A step-on can is also fun for kids. Some might enjoy it more if a basketball hoop was installed over the trash can for fun tossing of trash. Making a game out of throwing out the trash teaches the kids to do a very important chore without feeling forced to do it.