Top Reasons to Remove Basement Carpeting

Carpeting can come in handy in virtually any area of the house, including the basement. But there are also times when you should consider removing it. There are so many different flooring options out there to think about. Here are the top reasons to remove carpeting in the basement. Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of “Bridging” With Design Build

Home remodeling is a complex process, but the end results can reap great rewards for the homeowner. When planning a remodel, you may find yourself working with a designer or architect early on in the process. For a variety of reasons, you may later seek the services of a design-build firm. This may even come during the design process. But likely, this decision won’t be made until the actual construction is about to be underway. When you take the design work from a different firm and decide to work with a design-build company, this is known as “bridging.” Is this a good idea, and are there are any potential drawbacks? Read more

Should I Add Another Bathroom in the Basement?

If you’re considering adding another bathroom to your basement, there are many things to think about. Adding a bathroom in the basement can add both convenience and value to the home. That extra bathroom could also take away some stress regarding bathroom competition. How can you tell if it’s the right choice for your home and lifestyle? Read more

3 Ways to Tell If Your Bathroom Needs a Remodel


Do you have “deferred maintenance” piling up when it comes to fixing up your bathroom? You may be waiting for certain warning sides before you pull the trigger on committing to a full bathroom remodel. Here are five ways you can tell if such a bathroom remodel is in your near future. Read more

5 Budget Fixes That Improve Your Bathroom


Looking for some quick fixes to improve your bathroom? No matter how big or small it is, there are five budget-friendly fixes that can be made in any bathroom. Read more

Kitchen & Bath Remodels Yield a Great Return on Investment in Ohio

When looking to sell a house in Ohio, the greatest concern for many homeowners is the value their house is likely to fetch in the market. Many will be left pondering whether undertaking some renovations on it will pay off by increasing its resale value. And if it will, what specific areas of renovation are more likely to raise the value and by how much. Fortunately for homeowners, various remodeling projects have been known to raise the resale value of a house and also offer the potential of a high return on the re-structuring investment, ROI.
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